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Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

What to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney?

Although this process can be difficult for the average person, there are many things to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney should be a person who you can always trust. Not only do qualifications and experience make a difference in your decision, it is important to remember that an attorney should always look out for your best interests. Not all California injury attorneys practice solely personal injury and they do not all have the same qualifications and experience.

Next time you find yourself in need of an attorney there are a few points to keep in mind: Does the attorney have the experience to represent you for your injury?

Trial experience does matter when handling personal injury cases. Having a personal injury

attorney with jury trail experience is beneficial in two ways. First, it is without doubt that an

experienced trial attorney will be able to recover significantly higher settlement amounts in both mediation and arbitration. Insurance companies know which firms are ready and willing to take a case to trial and which are not. An attorney with great experience will be able to net a much more significant settlement amount and will not be afraid to litigate a case. Having an attorney who is comfortable in a courtroom will be able to stand up against insurance companies. In doing so, if the case does not settle in arbitration or mediation the next step is a jury trial. It is important to have an attorney with experience in trying a case before a jury. This experience can be found on the attorney’s website or even through Yelp.

Research is important in choosing an attorney. The more experience your attorney has, the more familiar they will be with the laws and previous cases that are similar to your particular case. They will also know the types of questions and information that will be valuable to your lawsuit. They will know the right questions to ask and the best information to gather. They will also understand how trials go, and the best image that needs to be presented for the trial to go in your favor.

What is the best way to research an attorney?

The best thing you can do for your own case is to do some research before you hire an attorney. Find out which attorneys are available in your area. Are there any reviews of the attorney? When you meet with the attorney, are you given the necessary information and your questions answered? Do you know which attorney will be assigned to you? Ask the attorneys (if you are even allowed to meet with one) how many cases, on average, are they typically handling at any given time? How often do they take cases into litigation? How often do they take cases to trial?

Most attorneys will provide information as to their personal experience on their professional law office website. This will be a great indication as the amount of trial experience within a

particular area of law. Doing proper research will help to figure out which attorneys will be best for you. There are many areas of law and depending on the area of law required, prices may vary. Criminal attorneys will generally charge an upfront retainer. This means that you must pay before the attorney starts handling the case. On the other hand, a personal injury attorney will generally take a case on contingency, meaning that the attorney will not charge upfront fees but will take a percentage of the settlement fees once the case has been settled. Such research will help to determine which attorney will be best for you.

If you do this research upfront, you will be able to rest easy through the rest of the process

knowing you have a competent lawyer pushing hard to maximize the value of your individual

case—because they handle less volume of cases and make their money by maximizing the value of each case. Don’t get hammered by a wrong decision when it comes to hiring an attorney when you have a significant injury. After all, you only get one swing at getting it right.

Will the attorney be available for you to answer any questions regarding your case?

The first time you contact an attorney, they will generally do an intake which allows them to

gather all the information necessary information relating to the facts of your case. An attorney should be available to answer any questions regarding your case. There is nothing worse than calling an attorney multiple times with no response. Although attorneys can be quite busy, they should be diligent in returning phone calls and answering questions that you, as a client, might have. Communication is key between the client and attorney. Often times, insurance companies will continue to contact an injured party until it is established that representation has occurred.

Because of the sensitive nature of lawsuits following an accident, it is important to hire an attorney quickly because the insurance companies will be calling to settle without representation. This often leads to a lower settlement amount as opposed to settling with an attorney on your side. Although it is important to have an attorney, this decision process should not be made quickly. It is often best to ask questions regarding your representation to get a clear understanding of what to expect from your attorney. Best way to find if the attorney will be best for you is to schedule a consultation.

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